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AeroFix Zinc Oxide Fabric Tape

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AeroFix Zinc Oxide Tape is a rigid, antiseptic tape best used for strapping sports injuries, securing dressings, and immobilising joints.

The AeroFix Zinc Tape comes packaged in an individual spool with a cap to ensure the tape is kept in good condition. To use, simply unroll the tape to the desired length and tear it off — no scissors required.


  • Hypo-allergenic fabric tape
  • Comes in individual spool, with cap
  • Strong adhesive
  • Easy to tear

What is Zinc Oxide tape?

Zinc Oxide tape is primarily used by athletes to prevent injuries, protect wounds and help speed up healing time.

In addition to its antiseptic properties, Zinc Oxide also acts as a mild astringent, by absorbing excess oils on the skin. Medical tape infused with zinc oxide is noticeably more adhesive, as its astringent properties help the tape grip the skin better and prevent sliding caused by natural oils.

Due to its strength and highly adhesive nature, Zinc Oxide tape is capable of supporting or immobilizing any joint or muscle when applied correctly. It is most commonly used to support joints, such as the wrists, knees, and ankles, but it can also be used to support muscles by stabilizing the injured ligaments that surround the muscle.

AeroFix Zinc Oxide Tape is recommended for protecting skin from rubbing and abrasions, as well as strapping sporting injuries, strains and sprains.

More Information

Material Zinc oxide
Hypoallergenic True