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AeroForm Snake Bite Bandage w/Indicator

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The AeroForm Snake & Spider Bite Bandage is designed for the treatment of various stings and snake bites, using the Pressure Immobilisation Technique (PIT).

This premium heavyweight bandage has indicators which show when the proper level of compression is reached. By compressing and limiting blood microcirculation, the Aeroform Snake Bite Bandage successfully slows the spread of venom, and is long enough to wrap around the leg of a large adult.


  • Appropriate for treating all Australian snake, Funnel Web Spider and Mouse Spider bites, as well as Blue Ringed Octopus and Cone Shell stings
  • Continuous indicators ensure that correct pressure is applied to the entire limb
  • Broader than most crepe or elastic bandages
  • Longer than most Snake Bite Bandages on the market
  • Large enough to immobilize the leg of an adult

It has been demonstrated that when injected venom remains trapped in tissues due to pressure, certain venoms and venom components may remain inactivated - this is the basis of the pressure immobilisation technique (PIT).

Although this technique was developed to treat Australian snake bites, it can be used to treat other elapid snake bites, and is recommended for treatment of envenomation by a number of other animals.

The AeroForm Snake Bite Bandage is available in a shorter version for use on the upper limbs and on children.

The innovative stitching technology ensures that the correct pressure is applied evenly across the entire limb. When the rectangular indicators are stretched to the proper tension, they will transform into square indicators:

Application of the Pressure Immobilisation Technique - According to ARC Guideline 9.4.8*

The Pressure Immobilisation Technique (PIT) is recommended for the treatment of bites and stings caused by the following animals:

  • All Australian venomous snakes, including sea snakes [Class A; LOE III]
  • Funnel-Web Spider [Class A; LOE IV]
  • Mouse Spider
  • Blue-ringed octopus [Class B; LOE Expert Consensus Opinion]
  • Cone shell [Class B; LOE Expert Consensus Opinion]

The Pressure Immobilisation Technique is not recommended for the first-aid treatment of:

  • Other spider bites, such as redback;
  • Stings from jellyfish;
  • Fish stings, including stonefish bites;
  • Scorpion, centipede, or beetle stings.

* For more information on Guideline 9.4.8, click here.

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