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AeroPlast Plastic Bandages, Circle Dressing – Box/100

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AeroPlast Circle Dressings are round spot bandages that neatly seal over, cushion, and shield small injuries, utilising a super absorbent SupaSorb™ wound pad underneath a washproof plastic film to encourage faster wound healing.

This bandage is appropriate for general use at home, work or school.


  • Sheer, conforming plastic bandages
  • Highly absorbent
  • For minor cuts and scrapes
  • Extra strong SupaBond™ adhesive
  • Wash-proof and durable

A unique characteristic of the AeroPlast Bandages is the added SuperSorb™ layer, an absorbent wound pad which keeps the wound clean and comfortable by absorbing wound exudate into pockets built into the pad to trap blood and fluid.

The SupaBond™ adhesive around the outer borders forms a secure seal over the injury, preventing the bandage from coming loose and causing discomfort. AeroPlast dressings are made to stretch and conform to any part of the body. The bandages are also permeable to air, allowing the skin to breathe as it heals.

Exercise caution when applying adhesive products to broken, injured or fragile skin. This dressing is intended to be changed daily. If redness or irritation occurs, contact a medical professional and suspend use.

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