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Emergency Thermal Blanket

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Well known for superior performance when dealing with thermal shock and hypothermia, the AeroRescue Emergency Thermal Foil Blanket reflects back 80 to 90 percent of body heat, maintaining optimal body temperature in extreme weather.

Designed to be wrapped around the victim in order to help retain body heat, this dual-sided thermal blanket is small enough to fit into a pocket, glove compartment, or emergency first aid kit, and is lightweight enough to pack with zero added weight or strain.


  • Wind-resistant and waterproof emergency blanket
  • Premium quality, thick and durable
  • For the prevention of thermal shock & hypothermia
  • Lightweight & highly compact. Takes up negligible space in a backpack or emergency kit
  • Great for camping, hiking, first aid kits, and outdoor survival kits
  • Reflective side can be used to block direct sunlight, or catch the attention of rescuers in emergency survival situations
  • Primarily for the retention of heat, but can be used to limit heatstroke during warmer weather

Primarily intended for heat retention, the AeroRescue Emergency Thermal Foil Blanket can also be used as a shade tent, with the reflective side facing outward to provide shelter from direct sunlight and prevent heatstroke during hot weather. To provide this benefit, it must be used in a tent-like structure and not wrapped too closely around the body.

An absolute essential for every first aid kit, these foil laminated, waterproof emergency thermal blankets, can also be used to line sleeping bags for additional warmth, reflect light when signalling rescuers, keep water off supplies or collect water for drinking and washing, or put to work as a ground sheet during camping to keep moisture from seeping up into sleeping bags.

The AeroRescue Emergency Thermal Foil Blanket is ideal for use as a multi-purpose first aid kit addition for emergency rescuers, hikers, campers, and drivers.