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HeartSine Samaritan Pad 500P Defibrillator

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The HeartSine Samaritan Pad 500P Semi-Automatic Defibrillator incorporates cutting-edge, life-saving CPR technology into a lightweight and compact public access AED. Complete with an audio-visual CPR Advisor, this external defibrillator provides real-time guidance and feedback on the force and rate of CPR compressions.

As the majority of cardiac arrests occur at home, where no professional medics are present, it is critical that your AED is simple to use for anyone nearby, whether they are a trained rescuer or not. User-friendliness and effectiveness must be prioritised.

The HeartSine Samaritan 500P Defibrillator is integrated with technology that determines whether compressions are effective based not only on the force of compression but on actual cardiac output (real-time blood flow). Utilising live visual and verbal feedback to direct the rate, speed, and force of compression required, the HeartSine AED provides victims of sudden cardiac arrest with the best chances of survival outside a hospital.


  • Up to 56% smaller than other AEDs on the market. Weighs approximately 1.2 kg. Small and light
  • Highest level of protection from strong water jets and dust, with an industry rating of IP56
  • Durable carry-on case
  • User-friendly and easy-to-follow visual and voice prompts with directives such as “Attach pads,” “Do not touch the patient,” "It is safe to touch the patient" and more
  • Conforms to the latest AHA/ERC guidelines
  • Provides real-time visual and verbal feedback to the rescuer on the force and rate of CPR compressions by observing the patient's physiological response
  • Ideal public access AED. Easily operated by trained medical professionals and untrained laypeople alike
  • Semi-Automatic 500P unit analyses heart output and will only allow a shock to be administered if a shock is required. Rescuer simply has to press the shock button when prompted
  • Can remain on stand-by for four years, switching on in seconds when needed
  • Internal memory capacity for recording incidents: 90 minutes of full disclosure ECG and event monitoring
  • 8-year manufacturer's warranty

The HeartSine Samaritan PAD 500P defibrillator meets both AHA and ERC guidelines for ideal chest compression and CPR, and is the most innovative device available to support these guidelines.

Without the use of accelerometers or pucks, the proprietary electrode technology employs an Impedance Cardiogram (ICG) and SCOPE biphasic technology to produce a CPR response that automatically adjusts as patients exhibit differences in physiological response during emergency assistance.

The innovative Pad-Pak contains both the electrode pads and the battery within a single cartridge. The integrated parts share an expiration date with a four-year shelf life from the date of manufacture, making this highly dependable device exceptionally easy to maintain.

At just 1.285 kg, this lightweight device is ideal for offices, planes, and vehicles with limited space. The SAM 500P has a tough, durable construction and an IP56 rating, giving the Samaritan PAD defibrillator a high level of defense against dust and moisture absorption.

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