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Israeli Emergency Military Trauma Bandage

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The Israeli Emergency Military Trauma Bandage greatly improves haemorrhage control by combining multiple levels of treatment into a single, effective dressing.

This unique combat emergency bandage was developed by First Care, a leading medical brand that enables health care professionals to provide the best support to the people they serve. The Israeli bandage is clinically proven to be effective and has been adopted by military and civilian organizations all over the world.


  • Emergency direct response bandage with in-built pressure applicator bar
  • Quickly staunches bleeding caused by car accidents, gunshots, knife wounds, and severe workplace accidents
  • Easy to use
  • Designed for rapid self-administration; can be used one-handed
  • Combat & clinically proven effective
  • Conforms to difficult injuries, such as injuries to the head & groin
  • Sterile non-adherent pad eliminates wound trauma upon removal
  • Built-in bandage closure bar; no pins, clips, tape, velcro or knots
  • Military standard bandage; employed by police, SWAT, Fire and EMS teams worldwide
  • Vacuum-sealed package
  • Highly compact; fits easily into any bag, pack or first aid kit
  • Includes clearly written instructions for use

Direct pressure, if administered quickly, may eliminate the need for a tourniquet by restricting blood loss and haemorrhaging without the hazards associated with untrained tourniquet use.

The Israeli Emergency Bandage enables injury victims acting alone to complete the entire bandaging operation using one hand, and is intended for both untrained laypeople and paramedics.

The bandage was invented by an Israeli military medic named Bernard Bar-Natan, the founder of First Care Products Ltd. Since then, it has become the medical standard for military organisations, police, fire departments and emergency response teams worldwide.

As a trauma and secondary dressing in one, the in-built pressure applicator bar on the Israeli Bandage exerts direct pressure on the injury as the bandage is pulled to increase tension. A sterile secondary dressing pad keeps pressure strong and stable, and reduces the risk of infection.

The Israeli Emergency Bandage condenses several bulky first-aid items into one quick and compact pressure bandage. It can be used as a field dressing or pressure dressing, as a makeshift tourniquet, a sling, or even as an ACE bandage wrap.

The Israeli bandage is highly recommended as part of an effective emergency IFAK bag for high-risk workplaces, police departments, fire departments, and individuals.