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Peak Flow Meter (Adult)

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The AeroDiagnostic Peak Flow Meter assesses lung function by measuring a patient's ability to expel air quickly.

This hand-held device measures the degree of obstruction and inflammation in the airways, and is required for the treatment and monitoring of patients suffering from respiratory diseases.


  • Accurately measures peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) in adults up to 800 L/minute
  • Required for treatment of patients with respiratory problems
  • Assists in the detection of pending asthma attacks
  • Small and light enough to be used anywhere
  • Comes in a paediatric version for children which measures from 50 to 400 Litres per minute

A paediatric version of the peak meter is also available for children, which measures peak expiratory flow rates (PEFR) from 50 to 400 L per minute. The adult model measures peak expiratory flow rates ranging from 60 to 800 L per minute.

The AeroDiagnostic Peak Flow Meter detects changes in the airway before breathing symptoms occur, and is highly recommended as an at-home medical evaluation device for those with moderate to severe asthma.