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RapidStop Tourniquet

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The RapidStop® Tourniquet combines ease and innovation to mitigate the risk of death arising from serious limb injury. The intuitive tourniquet requires only gross motor control to operate and achieves full blood vessel occlusion in 11 seconds.

An individual who has sustained a serious limb injury, and has fully severed an artery, has a window of about 60 seconds to stabilise the limb before falling unconscious and bleeding out. Quick application is crucial, and the RapidStop® Tourniquet is designed to provide just that.


  • Life saving self-application tourniquet
  • For severe bleeding and traumatic injuries
  • Requires only gross motor skills to deploy
  • Can be applied with a single hand in the event the injured victim is alone
  • Achieves full blood flow occlusion in 11 seconds
  • Controls haemorrhage on limbs with circumferences ranging from 7 to 33 inches
  • 600N tensile strength; 3 times stronger than the 200N needed to fully occlude blood flow
  • Large, easy to grab D-Ring, can be cinched tight with one hand
  • Mechanical clasp locks in place quickly and securely; can be loosened to control return of blood flow
  • Includes usage instructions on integrated waterproof and wear-resistant tags stitched onto the unit

Designed for single handed self-application, this tourniquet can be applied with only gross motor abilities. It does not move, spin, or twist and remains stable throughout the application process, even without the assistance of teeth or a supporting hand.

The RapidStop® Tourniquet has a tensile strength of 600N, which is three times that of the 200N required to completely obstruct blood flow. In place of velcro loops (which are more susceptible to dirt and grit), it features a quick-lock mechanical clasp, and once secured, rapidly achieves full occlusion on limbs ranging in circumference from 7 to 33 inches.

To use, follow the easy two-step guided instructions stitched on the product, or utilise the pocket-sized instruction cards or online instructional video.

The RapidStop® Tourniquet is recommended for treatment of traumatic injuries in high-risk industries such as construction, machinery, manufacturing and lumber yards, as well as extreme outdoor sports and emergency first responders.