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Restaurant Small Burns First Aid Kit

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In areas where there is an increased risk of burn injury, the Regulator Weatherproof Burns First Aid Kit (Small) can be used in conjunction with a fully compliant workplace first aid kit to provide a handy additional first aid module for burns.

This kit is equipped to treat 1-10 people and is comprised of essential, premium-quality burn care supplies such as anti-inflammatory burn gel, sterile burn dressings, and bandages, all housed in a weatherproof plastic case.


  • Size A ‘Small’ Burns First Aid Kit
  • Measures 13cm x 21cm x 7cm
  • Compact and durable plastic case
  • Wall mountable
  • Premium selection of burn gels and dressings, as well as an informative first aid guide for burns
  • Provides effective first aid treatment for superficial burn injuries at work
  • Equipped for treatment of 1 to 10 individuals
  • Water and dirt-resistant case

Built specifically for treating burns, this first-aid kit comes fully stocked with high-quality, tried-and-true products that immediately soothe burns and accelerate wound healing.

The Regulator Weatherproof Burns First Aid Kit is designed to withstand moisture, light impact and dirt. It comprises of a secure plastic case, constructed with a rubber seal to prevent the entry of water and external contaminants into the first aid kit.

The weatherproof plastic case can also be wall-mounted for added protection and easy identification in the event of an emergency.

The Regulator Weatherproof Burns First Aid Kit (Size ‘A’ - Small) is ideal for personal use in homes and cars, as well as in workplaces where there is a mild to moderate risk of burn injury.

Contents meet Australian Standard AS2675-1983.

Kit Contents:

Item Quantity
Burn Gel Sachet 3.5g 8 pc
Burn Dressing 10 x 10cm 2 roll
Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4m 1 roll
Poly-Ethylene Burn Sheet 10cm x 10cm 1 pc
Poly-Ethylene Burn Sheet 20cm x 20cm 1 pc
Poly-Ethylene Burn Sheet 60cm x 90cm 1 pc
Burns First Aid Leaflet 2 pc

More Information

Width 13 cm
Height 21 cm
Length 7 cm
Item Count 16