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Triangular Sling Bandages

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An essential item for injury immobilisation and support, the AeroBand Triangular Sling Bandage boasts a superior cotton calico construction, making it stronger and more durable, and easier to wash.

This triangle bandage can be used on any area of the body, in a variety of first-aid situations. An AeroBand Triangular Cotton Sling Bandage can serve as a head dressing, a sling to immobilise limbs, a compression bandage, a cravat bandage, support for sprains and fractured bones, rib support, or as a covering to hold wound dressings in place.


  • Reusable triangular sling bandages
  • Constructed with soft, and durable cotton calico
  • Easy to wash
  • Can be used to pad or protect injuries
  • Recommended for supporting and immobilising injuries
  • Supports fractures and sprains all over the body, including the head and ribs
  • Excellent addition to any first aid kit

Cotton calico is a sturdy and soft material that can be used for either padding or external protection of injuries. This pack of cotton calico bandages is size adjustable, washable and more durable than non-woven triangular bandages (which are designed for single use).

Triangle bandages are one of the most versatile types of bandages available, making them an indispensable item in any first-aid kit. These sling bandages can also work as a makeshift tourniquet in emergency situations, and are durable enough to survive multiple uses.

AeroBand Triangular Sling Bandages are ideal for home and office first aid kits, athletic sports kits, hospitals and other professional healthcare facilities.

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